Semester 2 , 2016

Current Opening Hours

The shop will be closed until further notice as we work with UNSW to prepare the new trading space. We hope to be trading again within the next two months. Pre-ordered fruit & veggie box as well as bulk groceries orders will resume from Thursday the 28th of July (available for members only). Anyone is welcome to become a member! You can find out more about membership here.

 Note: Thoughtful Foods is a volunteer run shop :). This means opening hours can change at shorter notice than you might expect with other shops. While we try to keep the information here as up to date as possible, if your trip to Thoughtful requires you to go out of your way we encourage you to ring ahead and check that we are open.

Volunteer Training 

Will commence again once the shop re-opens. 

Fruit and Veggie Boxes

These are now aviable again every thursday ! Collection between 2 and 5 pm. Order on Thursdays between 10 am and 6 pm while the shop is open or collection the following week. Currently builders still have access to the shop so please do note put any money or order forms underneath the door. Further enquiries can be made at  veggies[@] .

Bread Orders

Will commence when shop re-opens.


Our new location will be on UNSW campus, on the north eastern end of the Blockhouse. The location on the map below will be updated shortly.