2019 Volunteer Opportunies

There are a number of coordinator, project volunteer and director roles available in 2019. If you are interested in becoming more actively involved in your co-op this year or would like more info contact office@thoughtfulfoods.org.au with details of your experience and interest in the particular role/s. Specifically, there are opportunities for project volunteers, coordinators and directors as well as regular shop shift volunteers and volunteers to work with and help support the different coordinator roles.

Coordinator roles

The roles we are looking to fill for this year are i) Groceries, ii) Communications and iii) Outreach and Events.

Coordinating involves regular weekly 4 hour shop shift, attendance and participation in the weekly meeting and a role/area of responsibility. Coordinating is basically about coordinating day to day operations, working with a crew of vollies and/or project vollies to make sure the things happen and coordinators are accountable to Directors. (Coordinating is more day to day operations while directing is more bigger picture strategic, policy, planning). For example, the Groceries Coordinator is responsible for ordering, coordinating groceries and looks after stock receivers, refillers, product researchers etc. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for training and coordinating social media vollies, a graphic designer, and content creators etc to ensure that overall communications are consistent, regular and integrated across multiple platforms. Contact office@thoughtfulfoods.org.au for the general coordinator role description and descriptions of each of the different roles.

Coordinators receive the volunteer discount, keys to the co-op, access to out of hours shopping and also a small allowance in the form of shop credit in return for a regular and reliable commitment of 8-10 hours a week.

Project volunteer roles

Project volunteers take ownership of a particular project or event. It's a step up from running or doing a regular shop shift and project volunteers typically have a Coordinator or Director as a contact point. The types of projects vary depending on the co-op’s current needs and the volunteer’s interests and skill sets. Examples include: the digitisation project, pot luck organiser, o-week project coordinator, how to's video project, constitution overhaul. See the table below for currently available roles.

Project vollies receive the volunteer discount (30% off most groceries items in each week they volunteer for two or more hours) and may also a key to the co-op and therefore access to out of hours shopping depending on the nature and length of the project and number of currently available keys.

Regular shop shift volunteers

Shop assistants run or assist with a regular weekly 2 hour shop shift. This enables us to keep the co-op open and involves staffing the till, assisting members and customers, refilling, cleaning, etc. General shop shift duties include: customer service, operating the cash register, checking the diary and task management systems and completing outstanding tasks, serving the customers and restocking.

Shop shift volunteers receive the volunteer discount (30% off most groceries items in each week they volunteer for two or more hours).

Volunteer and Project volunteer roles and their corresponding coordinators



Coordinator Contact Point


Copy Editor


Writing, editing, proofreading and formatting documents

Digitisation Project Officer


Help manage and coordinate the digitization project

Digitisation Project Volunteers x 2


Scanning and electronically filing the co-ops hard copy records

Grant Writer


Writing grant applications

Content Creators


Create content for the bulletin, website, social media

Signage Writer

Communications /Admin

Design, construct and display signs for the co-op. The signs should be visually appealing and adhere to the co-op’s style guide whilst displaying the required information.

Product Researchers x 2

Communications / Groceries

Research potential new and existing products that co-op stocks, to make sure they are conducive to the co-op’s ethics. They should use a variety of sources to research and decide on the best supplier based on their alignment with the  co-ops ethics, the affordability and reliability.


Communications/ Volunteers

Produce videos for the co op. These videos may be promotional or how to videos for tasks that need to be performed in the co-op.


Communications  / Events and Outreach

Take and edit photos for the co-op - includes images of products, events, volunteers etc for promotional and educational use

Social Media Officers


Create posts for the co-op on social media platforms (instagram and facebook). The posts should be promotional or informative and in line with the co-op’s style guide and current communication and messaging plans

Graphic Designer


Design and produce materials for the co-op in line with the co-op’s style guide. Logos or images may be required to promote events or for co-op merchandise. Posters are generally needed to advertise upcoming events and should be visually appealing and informative.

Events and Outreach Crew

Events and Outreach

Help run the co-op’s events. This typically involves jobs on the day of the event such as setting up and running outreach, information or brownie stalls, film screenings or workshops, fundraising events, serving and cooking for  bbq. It may also include assisting with prep work in the lead up to an event.

Potluck Organiser

Events and Outreach

Organise and promote our fortnightly potlucks. This includes creating a Facebook event and content for promotion across various platforms, finding a time that is suitable for the co-op and potentially organising additional entertainment e.g, clothes swaps/workshops.


Events and Outreach / Admin

Help organise fundraising events and activities

O-Week Crew

Events and Outreach

Help staff the stall / shop during O-week, set up and pack down, help with running any other oweek promotional activities, sign up new members and potential members etc.

Stock Receivers x2


Assist with receiving and processing groceries deliveries and updating the Point of Sale System


Groceries / Operations / Veggies / Admin / Events and Outreach

Transport required items to/ from the co-op to their destination. e.g pick up a delivery from a supplier and take it to the co-op, transport items to Eco-living Expo stall. Contact point will vary depending on what needs to transported

Labels Creator/ Updater


Finalise, print out and put up (groceries) stock labels for the co-op.

Stock Refillers and Merchandisers


This includes refill, display/presentation, making jars of things, stock level checking, assisting with in store promotion of particular items

Food Safety and Weekly Cleaning Projects


Carry out weekly and bigger cleaning tasks, assist in ensuring food safety requirements are met

Jar Sterilizers


Regularly pick up the jars from the co op and sterilize them. This process involves putting the jars through a dishwasher and then baking them in an oven. The jars are returned to the co-op after sterilization.

Cleaning Bee Crew


Participate in the cleaning bees. This may involve a number of tasks including: deep cleaning, sweeping, mopping, tidying up and reorganising storage areas and the back room

Waste Systems


Assist with the co-op’s waste management systems - recycling, reuse/repurposing, compost etc.

Policy and Procedure Support

Operations / Admin

Assist with researching, documenting and updating procedures and policies.

Veggies Content Creator

Veggies / Communications

Produce content (recipes, product info, images) for the weekly veggie box and bread reminder email

Veggie Packing Crew


Help pack the veggie boxes on Thursday mornings. This involves distributing the produce fairly amongst the boxes according to price and what was ordered.

Volunteer Inductions/Orientations Support


Run one or more weekly volunteer inductions at the co-op at times when it is not usually busy. The inductions usually go for about an hour and cover all the basic information the volunteers need to know to run a shop shift, intro to the co-op. Ensure the appropriate forms and admin are completed as well as identifying and recording the new volunteers interests, skills and competency.

‘How- to’ video Cast

Admin / Operations

Be in the how to videos, demonstrate how to do particular tasks around the co op such as drop feed assembly, refill, signing up members etc, following direction from the videographer and a coordinator or director.

Shop Assistants (regular 2 hr weekly shifts)


General shop shift duties include: customer service, operating the cash register, checking the diary and task management systems and completing outstanding tasks, serving the customers and restocking.

Shop Assistants (Open) regular 2 hr weekly shifts


Opening shift duties include: opening the till, setting up for the day, taking the signs and furniture out and the general shop shift duties

Shop Assistants (Close) (regular weekly 2 hr shifts)


Closing shift duties include: sweeping, mopping, closing the till, end of day cleaning, bringing all the furniture and signs inside and lock up procedures.

Shop Assistants (experienced) (regular weekly 2 hr shifts)


Experienced shop shift volunteers who are happy to buddy with the new volunteers to help train and upskill them or run a shop shift themselves


Directors look after the strategy, policy and planning of the coop, with roles covering finance, people, safety, legal and various projects. Directing is more bigger picture strategic, policy, planning and compliance while coordinating is more day to day operations.  Directors are elected at the annual general meeting and accountable to membership. There are currently several casual vacancies available and we’re looking for people with HR, governance, compliance and/or fundraising skills and experience as well as a demonstrated knowledge of and commitment to co-op values.

Directors receive an ongoing 30% discount on most groceries items in the shop in return for an average commitment of at least 2 hours a week, attendance at monthly meeting, participation in planning and training sessions.

You can download a PDF of the volunteer opportunities here. Note that Operation Coordinator role and some project volunteer roles have been filled.

If you are interested in or would like more information about any of these roles, we'd love to hear from you. Contact office@thoughtfulfoods.org.au with details of your experience and interest in the particular role.