Annual General Meeting


Friday 24 May 7.30 pm


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Pigweed Food Co-operative Ltd trading as Thoughtful Foods will be held at 7:30pm, Friday 24th May 2019 at the Blockhouse Building G6, UNSW.

You must be a current active member of the Co-operative to attend and vote at the meeting.

Nominations for directors are now open. All current active members of the Co-operative are eligible to nominate as a director. There are up to seven positions available. Three of the current directors are intending to stand for re-election.

The nomination and election procedures specified in the Co-operative’s constitution are available for inspection at the co-operative for members along with a list of director’s duties and responsibilities. If you are interested in nominating as a director or for further information, please contact secretary[au]

The agenda for the AGM is available for inspection for current members at the Co-operative along with a draft financial report, directors report and a copy of the minutes from the 2018 AGM.


1)    Acknowledgement of Country

 2)    Election of Chair and Minute taker

 3)    Welcome

 4)    Confirmation of minutes from previous AGM

  1. Motion: That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 21 June 2018 be accepted as a true and accurate record.

 5)    Directors’ Report

  1. Motion: That the Directors’ Report is accepted.

 6)    Report from the Treasury

  1. Motion: That the Report from the Treasury is accepted.

 7)    Acceptance of Financial Report from the auditor

  1. Motion: That the Financial Report from the auditor be adopted.

 8)    Confirmation of auditor

  1. Motion: That Pigweed Food Co-operative trading as Thoughtful Foods appoints Alan Liang of AJML

 9)      Announcement of annual membership subscription fees for 2020

 10)  Election of Directors

  1. Motion: That the elected directors be added to and are authorised signatories on the co-operative's bank accounts with Bank Australia, the Bendigo Bank EFTPOS clearing account and the managed fund.

 11)  Election of Public Officer

 12)  Determination of directors remuneration

  1. Motion: That there will be no remuneration of directors

 13)  General Business