Click and Collect

Thoughtful Foods offers a click and collect service exclusive to our members. 

How to order?

First, members will need to purchase a gift card that will be used to pay for the Click and Collect order. Then, place your order through the Google form by Tuesday 5pm, where you will need to specify the products and quantities, your membership number and the gift card code. Once packed, you will receive an emailed receipt confirming your order is ready for pick-up on Thursday between 10am to 6pm. You will need to bring a bag or box to take your order home.

You can also specify contact-less pick-up on the form. Only members have access to the form.

How to purchase a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased either in-store during opening hours or through the online ordering system. Sign up for the weekly reminder email that gives you access to the online ordering system here. Online gift cards have a minimum value of $25 and a maximum value of $250.

To purchase a gift card on the online store, click on the gift icon on the top right hand corner. Complete the form ‘Purchase Gift Certificates’. Please fill out the ‘Recipient’s Name’ with your own name, and the ‘Recipient’s Email Address’ with your own email address. Press the ‘Preview’ button to preview how the gift card looks. Proceed to checkout by clicking the ‘Add gift certificate to cart’ button, then the ‘Check Out’ button. You will then need to login or create an account to proceed with payment.

Once you have paid for it you will receive an email with the gift card in it. You will need to use the unique code at the top right hand corner of the gift card for the Click and Collect form.

Terms and conditions for Click and Collect orders

  • Orders need to be placed by 5pm Tuesday using this form. If an order is submitted after 5pm it will be processed the following week. 
  • Only current members of Thoughtful Foods can place Click and Collect orders.
  • Orders can only be placed for yourself - i.e., no shopping for other people who aren't members.
  • To cover the cost of your shop, you need to have purchased or topped up a gift card either in store or online. This gift card will be used to pay for your shop after it is packed. If you do not have sufficient credit to cover the cost of your purchase, our volunteers will only pack up to the value of your gift card credit. For online gift cards, the minimum value to put onto a gift card is $25 and the maximum is $250. 
  • Gift cards expire after 3 years and are non-refundable (the value of a gift card purchased online or in-store can also be redeemed in store for a normal shop). Online gift cards can also be redeemed for a veggie box or bread ordered online if you do not want to use all of your online gift card value for a personal shop. In store gift cards cannot be redeemed online.
  • Orders will be available for collection from 10am on Thursday and must be picked up before 6pm Thursday the week the order is processed and packed. Once your order is packed and the payment processed, you will be emailed a copy of the receipt.
  • You agree to pick up your order from the co-op. If not picked up by close on Thursday, then it will be donated to Food Hub or similar.
  • Click and collect lists can only include items (groceries) that are usually for sale in the co-op. (i.e. not special orders or bulk orders).
  • You accept that, as Thoughtful Foods stocks mainly bulk unpackaged items, the weights/amounts put together by the volunteer packing your order may not exactly match the amount you specified.
  • You agree that all items will be packed into paper bags, calico bags or glass jars/bottles and you will be charged the usual price for each bag and/or jar used to pack your order.
  • You must provide a clear and accurate description of the items you want to order (that the co-op stocks and has available) along with a clear description of the quantity using either a weight or a jar size. E.g. “500g of tamari almonds, a 500mL jar full of rolled oats, 300mL jar of rice, a small paper bag of black chai, 1 tin of diced tomatoes. If insufficient info (E.g. no quantity) is provided, the item will not be packed. 
  • You accept that some items may be out of stock or unavailable. What will be packed is what is available. Out of stock items will not be substituted unless you specifically offer an alternative on this form. E.g., “500grams roasted cashews, or if O/S brazil nuts.” Ensure you provide a clear description of all item/s.