You make Thoughtful Foods amazing

THANK YOU to all these wonderful people who donated to our first ever online crowdfunding campaign!

Adnil Ramos   |   Alex Dunne   |   Alicia Ryan   |   Aline Jaeckel   |   Andrea Leong   |   Annette Trickett   |   Benjamin Fisher   |   Brad Fleming   |   Broadway Food Co-operative   |   C Arndt Chen  |   Catherine Chan   |   Chris Moore   |   Christine van Vliet   |   Dan Booth   |   Dani Tuazon   |   Emilia Salgado   |   Erny Tsao   |   Grace Barr   |   Harriet Hu   |   Isaac Carr   |   Janet Mitchell  |   Jenny Siddall   |   Jeremy Crumblin   |   Joanne O'Carroll   |   Kasania Dmitrieff   |   Katherine Clare   |   Kayla Inglis   |   Kaylee Rankin   |   Laksmi Govindasamy   |   Laura Chujman   |   Lyria Bennett Moses   |   Madeleine Miller   |   Margot Morgan   |   Maze Coffee & Food  |   Megan Quinn   |   Megan Yonson   |   Mehera san Roque   |   Miyoko Eriksson   |   Monika  |   Montserrat Olive   |   Pauline Teixeira   |   Siobhan O'Sullivan   |   Siobhan Donges   |   Therese Weiss  |   Victoria Sentas   |   Yvonne Lollback  


We raised 75% of our $9,500 Crowdfunder goal - $7,125! 

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of our supporters who generously donated - cash, as well as time & energy. It was all well-spent, helping us spread the word & gain much-needed support to help us through a difficult & expensive relocation.

Now, it's "out with the old & in with the new" as they say! We spent the money raised over the summer, ticking items off the "Santa list", filling out the rest of our new space with inviting & easy-to-use food dispensers! Because shopping at a food co-op like ours does not need to be difficult or daunting, and the more co-op shoppers, the merrier - for everyone & everything from our farmers, workers, beautiful land & environment, to you - our members & friends!

What was this campaign about?

At the end of Semester 1, 2016, we had to relocate shop due to development works. This proved to be a very expensive exercise and the new shop space needed a lot of work and infrastructure to make it functional. Amidst the chaos, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to make it shine brighter than ever.

What was our goal?

We set out to replace our dusty old boxes and barrels with attractive, compact, convenient, user-friendly and food-safe drop-feed containers and scoop bins. This was to cost at least $9,500 on top of the refurbishment costs we budgeted for (these are not your ordinary containers! See picture above). 

THANK YOU again to all the wonderful people who donated!

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