What is Thoughtful Foods?


Thoughtful Foods is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit food cooperative

On the food front - our shop provides affordable, minimally-packaged and ethically-produced wholefoods and household products. We try to supply ethically, socially and environmentally sound products. Unlike supermarkets, we have a concern for who produces the goods, under what conditions, and by what methods.

Being a cooperative means we are owned, managed and run according to the wishes of our members. We have been officially registered as a cooperative since 1996.

You can learn more about us here.

Where is Thoughtful Foods?


We are on the UNSW (Kensington) campus. As you can see in the map below, we are close to Anzac Parade, on the north eastern end of the Blockhouse. You can also find us on Google Maps!


When is Thoughtful Foods open?


You can see our current opening hours on the homepage of our website or our Facebook page.

What can I buy at Thoughtful Foods?


A lot!

We have:

  • Snacks (e.g. nuts, dried fruit, brownies)
  • Groceries (e.g. flours, dried beans, tofu)
  • Cleaning products (e.g. hand soap, shampoo, laundry liquid)
  • Other waste-free groceries (e.g. toothbrushes, reusable cutlery, soap)
  • Fresh fruit and veggie boxes
  • Fresh bread

For a more comprehensive list, see here - or visit the shop and take a look!

How do I shop at Thoughtful Foods?


Anyone can shop at Thoughtful Foods. You do not need to be a member, a UNSW student or UNSW staff.

Most of our products are pay-by-weight - for detailed instructions, see here

And for more information on what you can buy, see here.

How do I become a member?


Being a member means you have paid an annual membership fee and have a share in the co-op.

If you haven't been a member before, you can fill in the application form online or in the shop.

If you were a member in the previous year, then you can renew your membership online or in the shop. Our membership year starts in February.

Everybody is welcome to be a member. The membership gives you an immediate 10% discount on most groceries products and it allows you to order breadfruit and veggie boxes, and to volunteer to earn additional discounts. 

For more information on what membership involves, click here.

What are the fruit and veggie boxes?


Members can order fruit and veggie boxes. Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to us in bulk on Thursday mornings. Our volunteers then pack the produce into individual boxes. The exact content of the boxes vary from week to week, because we buy produce that is as seasonal, locally-produced and affordable as possible. There are usually 6-7 different veggies and 5-6 different fruits. We also have a swap box so that you can exchange a particular fruit or veg on Thursday when you collect your box.

Collection is between 1pm and 6pm on Thursdays. You can place your order at the till during opening hours or online before Tuesday 5pm for collection that week. Trial boxes can not be ordered online.

Learn more about our boxes, how to order them, or how to order a one-off trial box for non-members here.

How do I order bread?


Our bread comes from the lovely team at Organic Bread Bar in Darlinghurst. 

You can order bread online or in the shop. Bread is only available to current members. Get your order in before 5pm on Tuesday for delivery on Thursday that week after 1pm.

For more information on what bread you can order, see here.

How can I volunteer?


Volunteering is open to current members and is crucial to the co-op. Apart from learning new skills and becoming part of a diverse group of interesting, supportive people, volunteering also earns you a 30% discount on shop items!

Our one hour volunteer induction is compulsory for all members who wish to volunteer (in whatever capacity, whether in store, at our stalls or behind the scenes!). Currently, volunteer inductions run largely remotely.

Learn more about volunteering here or use the online form to express your interest in volunteering. To book in for a volunteer induction contact: volunteer[@]thoughtfulfoods.org.au 

What does volunteering involve?


Volunteering can involve:

  • Working a shop shift
  • Helping out with various projects (e.g. driving missions, creating content, organising events, cleaning bees, )
  • Becoming a Coordinator or Director

Learn more about volunteering here.

What is a co-op?


A co-operative is a business enterprise that is owned and operated according to the wishes of its members. Each member has an equal share of the business and an equal say in how it is run.

Learn more about co-operatives here.

What is the $10 share?


New members of Thoughtful Foods need to buy a $10 refundable co-op share, thus becoming a part owner of the co-op. This share only needs to be purchased once, as long as membership remains active (i.e. you renew your membership each year).

Learn more about membership here and learn more about co-ops here.

I have a new idea or project in mind. What should I do?


We'd love to hear it! Due to the time constraints on Coordinators and Directors, we ask that you detail your proposal in a template for our consideration.

You can find a link to the template at the bottom of our Policies page or email [email protected] for more information.