Get Involved

Do you like what we are doing, and want to get involved? There are plenty of ways to contribute and benefit from our community:

Shop at the co-op

Everyone can come in to shop at our store. Come and explore the variety of over 300 products on our shelves. We encourage everyone to bring their own containers to fill them from our selection of bulk foods (and non-foods). Read more about how to shop at Thoughtful Foods and what you can find at Thoughtful Foods.

Become a member

Are you shopping regularly at the coop? Are you interested in ordering bread and veggie boxes? Become a member to get a 10% discount on our retail prices and get access to bread and veggie boxes. Find out more about membership here.

We always need active members (or fans who are willing to become active members!) who have the passion and time to commit to regular Vvlunteering roles. Volunteers help keep the shop open and help get projects done. Get more involved, earn extra discounts (up to 30%), and add value to your membership by becoming a volunteer.

Take on a shop shift or a project, help us out at events, do some transport missions, or take any other background role. There is an option for any personality, skill set, interest, and timeframe. 

If you:

  • Are willing and able to commit 3 hours (or more) per week,
  • Take initiative and self-organise as appropriate while following co-op procedures, guidelines and policies, and
  • Are interested in volunteering with us and meeting like-minded folks,

Please use this online form to express your interest. You can also read more about volunteering here.

Become a Coordinator
Do you enjoy volunteering? Are you organised, reliable, and ready to commit to 8-10 hours of weekly co-op work/fun and more responsibilities? Take on a coordinator role, learn the background of how the co-op is run on an operational level, and improve your leadership skills. Coordinators work closely together to form the core operations team:

  • Attend weekly 1 hour meetings (open for all members to attend).
  • Are willing and able to commit between 8 - 10 hours per week, including a weekly shop shift of 4 to 4.5 hours.

Talk to a coordinator in the shop or email [email protected] to let us know what you are interested in.

Become a Director
Do you want to take on more responsibility, but can’t afford the time commitment for a coordinator role? Are you interested in what happens behind the scenes, policy, strategy and in helping direct the future of the co-op? Inquire about the directors’ roles and responsibilities by emailing [email protected].