How to shop at Thoughtful Foods

1. Please wash your hands in the white handwashing sink in the corner of the back room before you commence your shop. 

2. We encourage everyone to bring their own containers, jars or bags to fill. If you forget, we have reusable calico bags, glass jars and bottles as well as paper bags for sale. 

3. There are two scales located in the co-op - one up the front on the snack bench, next to the till, and one towards the back next to the peanut butter machine. Make sure the scale is on and then place the container on the scale and press 'T' to tare the weight. 

4. Place the 'Scale in use' sign on the scale so that no one else uses it while you are filling. 

5. Fill your container using the clean tongs, scoops, spoons or funnels provided. Please do not handle food with your hands. Remember to close the lids of bulk containers and return them to their original positions after you have finished filling. 

6. Place all used utensils in the 'Used scoops' bucket below the snack bench. Please do not leave any utensils in the bulk containers. 

7. Place your filled container on the scale and record the weight. If you are weighing different items in the same container, please remember to press 'T' in between each reading and record the weight. There may be pens and scrap paper available.

8. When you are finished shopping, bring your items to the till to pay. Provide the name and weight of each item to the volunteer serving you. If you are a member, please provide your name to receive your membership discount. 

If you're having any issues with the scales or with filling, please ask our volunteers to assist you at any point!