How to shop at Thoughtful Foods

1.  Bring your containers, jars or bags. If you forget or it's your first time in the shop, don’t worry! You can use our donated jars (sterilised by volunteers) or our scrap paper cones.

2.  Before putting food into your container, first place it onto a scale and press TARE. This is so that you only pay for the weight of your food and not the container.

3.  Place the “scale in use” sign on the scale so that no one else uses it while you are scooping your food.

4.  Fill your container with food using the tongs, scoops or spoons. Please do not handle food with your hands. Remember to close lids and return the containers to their positions after you have used them.

5.  Put tongs, scoops or spoons back into the bucket. Please don’t leave any utensils in the barrel except for the peanuts.

6.  Place your filled container on the scale and record the weight. You may enter the price/kg to see the final cost (and fill it up some more if you'd like to!) but there's no need to record the cost. 

7.  Bring the food to the front of the shop to pay. Please ask our volunteers to assist you at any point!