Thoughtful Foods Membership Application (new members)

Becoming a member of Thoughtful Foods means you are joining our family and everybody is welcome. All members give what they can to make things work, and of course they get to enjoy certain privileges and benefits in return. The membership gives you an immediate 10% discount on most groceries products and it allows you to order bread, fruit and veggie boxes,and to volunteer to earn additional discounts. More info in our membership brochure here

New memberships cost $35. They consist of a $10 refundable share in Thoughtful Foods and a $25 annual membership fee.  For members who join after June 1 or September 1 or December 1, the annual membership fee is reduced to $20, $15 and $10 respectively.

Memberships are active until the end of January. To keep your membership active you must renew it every year from February by paying the annual membership fee.

If you would like renew your membership (and paid your membership fees in the co-op previous financial year (i.e. between February 1 last year and January 31 this year) please use this link to apply to renew your membership.

Discounts are not applicable to shares, membership fees, veggie boxes, bread or bulk orders or other items which have already been discounted.

All details must be completed for your membership to be approved. To maintain an accurate membership register, as required under the Co-operatives Act, Thoughtful Foods requires you to provide a current address. Additionally, to fulfill our legal obligations, Thoughtful Foods requires a current email address. These obligations include providing members with the details of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and notifying members of their addition to the membership register. Shares may be refunded to active members who wish to leave Thoughtful Foods, as long as they have no outstanding debts to the co-op and must be claimed within a year. To organise a share refund, please contact office[@]  Shares are non-transferable. If a member wishes to resign, they must advise the co-op in writing by contacting office[@] More details here.

Your rights as a member

  • To attend meetings, including the AGM, and take part in discussions concerning Thoughtful Foods

  • To receive the weekly Thoughtful Foods Bulletin via email

  • To learn about running a cooperative/business

  • To attend training sessions and workshops run by Thoughtful Foods

  • To volunteer at and for Thoughtful Foods

  • To be informed about meetings and social events

  • To place bulk orders, and to order prepaid bread and fruit and vegetable boxes

  • To suggest new products for Thoughtful Foods to consider stocking

  • To receive your Thoughtful Foods membership card when you join or renew your yearly membership

Your responsibilities as a member

  • To pay your annual membership fee in order to keep your membership active

  • To help facilitate the ongoing sharing of skills you learn within the co-op

  • To be considerate of volunteers

  • To ensure the co-op has your current contact details

  • To refrain from grazing while you are doing your shift or shopping and to pay for any spillages

  • To wash your hands before shopping and to use the utensils provided

  • To be constructive when criticising any issues or problems within the co-op, and to be prepared to take an active part in resolving the problem

  • To ensure you comply with the conditions of the prepaid bread and fruit and vegetable boxes system including add-ons.

  • To ensure you don’t conduct yourself in a manner prejudicial or detrimental to the interests and values of the co-op

  • To present your membership card and/or provide your name or membership number in order to receive any relevant discounts

  • To promptly log any volunteer hours so that the co-op has a record for insurance purposes and in order to receive the volunteer discount

  • To comply with policies of Thoughtful Foods as well as COVID and foods safety rules

By joining or renewing your membership, you agree to the terms and conditions of membership and agree to abide by Thoughtful Foods policies.

1. Annual Membership Fee and Share


2. Your information

Contributions are not tax deductible.

3. Payment information

I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of membership as set out above and in the forms linked above and agree to abide by Thoughtful Foods policies. (These will be also be emailed to you when your membership application is processed).