Organic Bread

Thoughtful Foods offers members the opportunity to pre-order delicious artisan bread from Organic Bread Bar

How do I order?

Organic bread is only available to current members of Thoughtful Foods. 

Bread needs to be pre-ordered and prepaid by Tuesday 5pm for pick-up on that Thursday between 1pm and 6pm.

You can order in store during opening hours or through the online ordering systemIf you are a current member of Thoughtful Foods, you can gain access to the online ordering system by signing up for the weekly reminder email here.

Bread cannot be purchased as a trial.

How do I pick up?

We recommend leaving a couple of bags in the co-op, labeled with your name. This allows our volunteers to pack your bread into your bag on delivery, so it's easy for you to pick up and take home. We have reusable calico bags for sale in the co-op.

Pick-up is each Thursday between noon and 6pm.

What types of bread are available?

We order bread from the Organic Bread Bar. The available types of bread you can order and their prices can be found here.