Plastic Free Positivity

This year’s Plastic Free July will be the first in NSW’s history without the lightweight plastic bag, given bags thinner than 35 microns were banned in June. Let’s share some plastic-free positivity this July!

To help you spread some more plastic-free positivity with your family and friends here are some fantastic plastic-free facts:

  1. We’ve had our beady eyes on this one for a while… Microbeads will finally be phased out from 1 November 2022!
  2. Stir it up - it’s the final straw for single-use plastic straws and stirrers! The supply of single-use plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers, cotton buds, plates and bowls, and expanded polystyrene food service items will be prohibited from 1 November 2022.
  3. Going against the flow… NSW’s Plastic Plan aims to stop 2.7 billion single-use items from ending up in our natural environment and waterways over the next 20 years.
  4. As some of you might remember, plastic bags ‘went south’ more than a decade ago in South Australia. SA was the first Australian state to ban single-use plastic bags, albeit with an exemption for biodegradable bags, back in 2009.

We hope that this article fills you with some hope that fewer single-use items might end up on nature’s doorstep. But if you think our plastic waste facts were a bit rubbish, perhaps you’ll enjoy our favourite plastic joke, ’Why can't you surprise plastic containers? They are top aware!’.

As you all know plastic-free is for life not just for July, so please help us remind everyone that Thoughtful Foods is the ideal place to pick up groceries with minimal plastic packaging, not just throughout Plastic Free July but all year-round 😊