Policies and Constitution


Buddy System (February 2023)

BYO Containers (December 2022)

Discounts (November 2022)

Environmental Policy (November 2023)

Grievance Policy (July 2022)

Permanent and Casual Volunteer Discount Policy (January 2023)

Policy and Processes Guidelines (March 2024)

Privacy Policy (March 2024)

Safer Spaces (November 2022)

Sponsored Membership Policy (February 2024)

Volunteer Code of Conduct (May 2023)

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities (January 2023)

WHS Policy (June 2022)



The current Constitution was adopted in June 2020 and formally recognised by the Registry of Co-operatives in July 2020.



Thoughtful Foods is always seeking to improve. If you have a suggestion, idea or project that you would like to propose, we would love to hear about it.

Due to the time limitations of Directors and Coordinators, all proposals must be detailed in this Project or Idea Proposal Template. Proposals will then be assessed by Directors and/or Coordinators and addressed at the relevant Director or Coordinator meeting. Please note that due to limited time and resources, not all proposals will be implemented.

Send through your completed Proposal to [email protected]