Once you become a member, there are endless volunteering opportunities available to you! Our co-operative functions on the principle that each member, equally, gives what they can. And since we are completely volunteer run, we appreciate all and any volunteering contributions made! Use the online form here to express your interest and scroll down to read more about it all.



The perks of volunteering!

Apart from learning new skills and becoming part of a diverse group of interesting, supportive people, volunteering earns you extra discounts in the shop! Two hours of volunteering a week earns you a 30% discount on shop items. This discount must be claimed in the week you do your volunteering.

Volunteer training

Before you can volunteer with us, you need become a member and to do a quick training session so that you are covered by our insurance and that we can give you the rundown on the shop and on how things work.


Types of volunteering

As we are completely volunteer run, there are variety of volunteering opportunities available at Thoughtful Foods! Have a read through some of the options below and if you are interested sign up here.

Regular volunteering

There are many things we do on a weekly basis and it is always helpful to have people who can commit to helping out once a week. These tasks include:

* Shop assisting

* Veggie packing (on Thursday mornings)

* Restocking groceries

* Cleaning

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Projects / Events

Thoughtful Foods holds a few events a semester. If you’d like to volunteer occasionally, we sometimes need help running events. Some tasks include:

* Recruiting & rostering volunteer stall assistants

* Stalls / Catering: making bookings, setting up, manning and packing down

* Preparation: baking / cooking

* Helping out at cleaning Bees events, when we make our shop look beautiful!

Promoting Thoughtful Foods

We are a little shop and most people find out about us through word-of-mouth. As Thoughtful Foods is a different style of shopping, it takes a bit more effort to promote the shop and entice people to come and check us out. Some of the tasks involved with this include:

* Advertising the co-op: lecture bashing, putting up posters, attending our stalls

* Graphic design (videos, photos, posters)

* Article writing

* Social media

* Product research


Cleaning bees

Click here to see when our next Cleaning Bee is and sign up to help out.



Click here to see what events are coming up and sign up to help with them.