Once you become a member, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer with us at Thoughtful Foods. We are completely volunteer-run, so appreciate any help you can give us! Use the online form here to express your interest.

The benefits of volunteering!

Apart from learning new skills and becoming part of a diverse group of interesting, supportive people, volunteering earns you discounts in the shop! Two hours of volunteering a week earns you a 30% discount on shop items. This discount must be claimed in the week you do your volunteering.

Volunteer induction

Before you can volunteer, you need to complete a 1-hour induction session. This session ensures you are covered by our insurance and allows us to give you the rundown on the shop and how things work. The volunteer induction can be completed remotely.

Types of volunteering

As we are completely volunteer-run, there are many volunteering options available at Thoughtful Foods. 

Weekly volunteering

There are many things we do on a weekly basis and it is always helpful to have people who can commit to helping out once a week. These include:

  • Shop shifts - putting sales through the till, cleaning, and completing other assigned tasks or projects. These can be solo shop shifts, or helping a Coordinator.
  • Tidying up and cleaning
  • Packing fruit and veggies (on Thursday mornings)

Events and outreach

Thoughtful Foods holds regular events each term (or we usually do, pending COVID). If you’d like to volunteer occasionally, we often need help running events. Some tasks include:

  • Stalls: setting up, staffing and packing down

  • Preparation: baking/cooking

  • Helping out with cleaning bees, when we make our shop look beautiful!

  • Staffing outreach events

Communications and promotions

We are a little shop and most people find out about us through word-of-mouth. As Thoughtful Foods is a different style of shopping, it takes a bit more effort to promote the shop and entice people to come and check us out. Some of the tasks involved with this include:

  • Advertising the co-op: lecture bashing, putting up posters, attending our stalls

  • Content creation

  • Graphic design: videos, photos, posters

  • Article writing

  • Social media

  • Product research


Coordinators are accountable to the Directors for the day-to-day running of Thoughtful Foods, both during and outside of shop shifts. This requires commitment, reliability and responsibility and is a great opportunity to learn about how the co-op is run on an operational level and improve your leadership skills. Most roles involve a time commitment of 8-10 hrs per week, including attendance at the weekly Coordinators' meeting and a 4-4.5 hrs weekly shop shift. Talk to a coordinator in the shop or email [email protected] to let us know what you are interested in.


Do you want to take on more responsibility, but can’t afford the time commitment for a coordinator role? Are you interested in what happens behind the scenes, policy, strategy and in helping direct the future of the co-op? Inquire about the directors’ roles and responsibilities by emailing [email protected].

Use the online form here or email [email protected] to express your interest in any of these types of volunteering.