Relocation Petition - We need a new home!

Thoughtful Foods will need to vacate its current it's shop space due to redevelopment works on Campus & we need your help to secure a new one.

Dear Prof. Jacobs

 Thoughtful Foods food co-operative is a unique & valuable part of the UNSW community, providing ethical food choices & extensive opportunity for student engagement & development.

 So that Thoughtful Foods can continue to provide these services, I ask that UNSW provides a cost free, accessible shop space on campus to operate from.


GOAL: 400 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • Julia Elphinstone
  • We need to have this service on campus. it will encourage people to continue to eat healthy, and provide work for our own farms
  • Keep Thoughtful Foods! It’s an amazing service and should be a neccessity as it is a valuable source for many people and so great!
  • I’m a member of the public who use Thoughtful Foods Co-op. Please keep Thoughtful Foods on campus or provide them a space close to campus such as Kingsford Junction.
  • A good initiative
  • I’ll be so devastated if thoughtful foods doesn’t keep on at UNSW!!!
  • Julia Loersch
  • Angus Tolhurst-McKiernan