Veggie Boxes  

We offer fruit and veggie boxes every Thursday to our members. Fresh organic produce is delivered in bulk to us on a Thursday morning and our volunteers then pack the delicious goodies into individual boxes. All boxes are pre-ordered and prepaid. You can order boxes between $10 and $60. The exact content of the boxes varies from week to week, as we buy produce that is as seasonal, locally produced, and affordable as possible, while also trying to provide some variety.

To order the fruit and veggie boxes, please use this form (LINK TO VEGGIE FORM), which you can either print out at home or pick up at the shop. All you need to do is enter your details and put the money in. Orders need to reach us by Tuesday 5pm to receive a box in the same week – either hand the form with the money in at the shop, or if we are closed, just slide it under our door.

The boxes are usually ready for pick up around 1pm on a Thursday, and should generally be picked up before 5pm. No worries, if you can’t make it by 5pm. Just let us know that you will be collecting the box late, so we know you will be coming to pick it up (the shop is open until 7pm on Thursdays). If you fail to collect your box on time and we cannot reach you, we have to donate the produce to a good cause, as we unfortunately are not able to store the boxes overnight.

To order veggie boxes, you will need to become a member of the co-op. However, we offer a one-off trial box to non-members as well. Speak to our shop coordinators, if you want to order a trial box. For more information about membership, click here (LINK TO MEMBERSHIP INFO).




You can order delicious artisan bread at the co-op, which we get delivered every Thursday morning from Neu’s bakery (LINK TO NEUS WEBSITE). Bread orders can be placed by all Thoughtful Foods members, and need to be prepaid by Tuesday cob. The bread is ready for pickup on Thursday morning. You can find a list of the breads available here.


Bulk orders and special orders

As our storage space is limited, and the amount of delicious products available from our suppliers is huge, we cannot stock everything you might be looking for. But don’t worry, you can still get all the goodies through the co-op via bulk or special orders: We can order anything for you that our suppliers offer, and the larger the amounts you buy the better the price will be. That means, if you order large amounts with little packaging, you’ll get the products for the lowest mark-ups. In addition, you can earn extra discounts on your bulk orders by volunteering for us. If you are interested in any specific product, or you miss anything on our shelves, just contact [email protected], and we will do our best to help you source the product.